• Real estate app development cost

  • Our professional team is happy to take on projects of all complexities and sizes. We guarantee a high quality result in the form of an effective solution for smartphones (tablets, smartwatches) on Android, iOS. At the same time, real estate app development cost varies depending on the plurality of indicators.

    In each store there are two sides - sellers and consumers. The latest on the real estate market are tenants and buyers. The organizers of the deals include:

    • Startups;

    • Real estate agencies, brokers;

    • Tour operator;

    • City/state authorities.

    • The list may also include people and individuals who wish to sell or rent their living space.

    Mobile solutions from our studio for this industry ensure active communication between both parties. The jetruby.com specialist team creates cost-effective projects for renting, buying and selling apartments of all kinds.

    • In order to make the implementation of sections easier and faster, the following are programmed in mobile applications:

    • Real estate catalogue consisting of object cards (each with photo, short description);

    • search filter (total area, number of living rooms, etc.);

    • display of the list in alphabetical order, prices, date of addition;

    • online map with proposed locations, hospitals, schools, shops and other social institutions;

    • determining the optimal route from the point where the finder is located to the point of interest;

    • Message page with notification of the latest changes in the discussed area;

    To ensure that the new application is in demand among users and that business processes can be successfully optimized, we publish it in the App Store and Google Play. Marketing activities can accelerate advertising - creating a landing page or advertising page that can be ordered from us. Support after launch is also included in the list of our services.